Nymad, we don’t earn our living by reselling Oracle support

What “They” don’t want you to know about annual support Pricing

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Here at Nymad, we don’t earn our living by reselling Oracle support. But there are plenty of IT partners out there who seem to – and often at remarkably high margins. However, as a customer, you trust the quote you get and don’t get the opportunity to see the underlying cost. So how can you tell if you are getting a good or a bad deal on your support quote?

Shop around

What many customers don’t realise is that there is often an opportunity to save money by bypassing the partner and obtaining a quote directly from Oracle. This means that you can still have the right level of maintenance, but without paying the premium charges that give little or no additional value.

Up to 100% margins

We saw a shocking example of over-pricing recently. One of our clients shared their Oracle support quote with us, which they had received from an accredited Oracle partner. We offered to review their quote from a generic cost-saving perspective – which was when we discovered that the pricing entailed a near 100% mark-up on the Oracle support cost. The client was taken aback by this and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to instantly slash their projected support costs in half.

Reduce cost and complexity

We earn our stripes by reducing cost and complexity for our clients. Every single thing we do serves to save you money in the longer term. This is why we offer to review all costs around your IT stack, with no obligation to change anything unless it makes financial sense. We are able to navigate the intricate landscape that is Oracle licensing, to help you maintain a healthy bottom line where you are not overspending on your infrastructure.
Our full service of database management reviews, bypassing the traditional routes of partner layers, database providers and account managers, helps you fight your corner in getting the best possible value for your operations.

Want us to review your support contract?

Send us your current support contract or quote and we will let you know whether or not you are paying over the odds for your support. We’ll also be able to map out a suitable route forward to save you big money for your business. Contact us today!

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