Oracle Standard edition 2 blog update – are you ready?

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I wrote a blog in August around an expected announcement from Oracle about the future of its Standard Edition database. (Follow this link to view) I wasn’t expecting major changes, however, Oracle has really surprised me with Oracle Standard Edition 2, which is a seriously limited alternative to Enterprise Edition.

So here is the kicker!

SE2 pricing is as per the old Standard Edition £10,500 per processor and may only be licensed to run on servers with maximum of two (2) sockets. In addition, SE2 introduces a usage cap engineered into the program that limits the number of CPU threads used to run an SE2 Database to 16 threads (or 8 per instance in the case of RAC)

So last week you could buy a 2 processor server with 18 cores per processor which gives a total available thread count of 72. This would cost you approximately £7,000 in licensing and £1,500 annual support.

This week the same configuration would cost £21,000 in licensing and £4,620 in annual support and only have access to 22% of the available processing power!

Further details:

From September 1st 2015, Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2) will replace SE and SE1 from release was the last SE and SE1 option and customers will need to migrate to SE2 for (no licence charge but a pro rated renewal adjustment will be applied).

An upgrade to will require a migration from a 4 processor server to a 2 processor server for prior Standard Edition installs.

SE and SE1 customers will continue to receive Premier Support for existing licenses through the terminal release.

  • Release Premier Support will continue until September 1, 2016. At that time, SE and SE1 will go into Sustaining Support
  • Release The release is currently within Extended Support. The Extended Support fees have been waived for the first year of Extended Support, 2/1/15-1/31/16.

Oracle RAC option is still available but limited to 2x single processor nodes (does anybody know where to buy a single processor server these days?)

User minimums have now increased to 10 per server (no longer per customer).

Now may be a really good time to explore alternatives, whether established commercial vendors like Microsoft or Open Source options such as Postgres or MariaDB.

Follow the link to contact us for a free Oracle Standard Edition 2 consultation and let us do all the groundwork!

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Source: Partner Pricing and Business Practices Update September 2015

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