Legacy Application Management

At Nymad, we help businesses reduce the cost and complexity associated with running legacy applications by providing virtualisation options or migrating to a modern environment.

We have an excellent record of migrating legacy applications onto an open source stack, reducing operational costs as well as vendor support and licensing costs – typically by 75% or more.

Many businesses find themselves overspending on supporting legacy systems. This can be because they no longer have the system management skills in-house, or because the solution vendors are charging high fees to maintain unsupported products.

We can ensure your services keep running with improved performance and reduced cost, by reviewing your options and identifying the best alternatives for your business. Where Open Source is an option, we can help to migrate applications onto a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack, realising huge long-term savings.

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Want to discover hidden cost-saving potential?

For one client, we were able to save millions in licence costs by migrating a year’s worth of financial data from SAP to a bespoke application. We also managed to mothball an entire data centre by virtualising an Oracle applications environment.