Infrastructure Solutions

At Nymad, our expertise in virtualisation of database and integration layers as well as deployment of hyper converged, engineered or just plain old commodity hardware means that we are able to help businesses fully realise a return on their technology investment.

Our core strength lies in our holistic approach to engaging with your business, as our focus begins and ends with aligning technology your business process and what it is trying to achieve.

As we work our way through your technology stack, from applications through to disk, we are able to design, build and support a cost appropriate solution that is fully customised to your business requirements, from both a commercial and technical standpoint.

Our engagements typically result in a return on investment 25 times greater than the cost of our services. We also work under a non-disclosure agreement.

Realise your return on your investment

Allow us to design, build and support a solution that is fully customised to your business.