Oracle Standard Edition 2 – are you ready?

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Image of Oracle Database with SE2 stamp

Oracle Standard Edition 2 – Position and Protect your company for the forthcoming change.

For a number of years Oracle has stayed consistent with its database editions, namely:

Enterprise (EE)

Fully featured with all options available – licensed by cores available on any machine configuration

Standard (SE)

Reduced feature set no options (except RAC) – licensed by processor (socket) and limited to a host (physical or virtual) or cluster with no more than 4 available sockets

Standard One (SE1)

As with Standard less RAC and limited to a host (physical or virtual) or cluster with no more than 2 available sockets

The latest database patchset is rumoured to mark a new age in Oracle Editions with only Enterprise and Standard Edition 2 available.

What we do know is:

  • Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (SE2) will replace SE and SE1 from
  • SE2 will have a limitation of maximum 2 socket systems
  • was the last SE and SE1 option and customers will need to upgrade to SE2 ( when released
  • SE2 is planned for release Q3 CY2015
  • SE and SE1 customers will have 6 months of patching support once SE2 is released with quarterly patches still being available in Oct 2015 and Jan 2016.

What we believe is:

• Oracle SE RAC with 2 nodes each with 2 sockets will still be a compliant and valid configuration

What we don’t know yet:

• When this comes into force
• What the pricing is – SE1 customers may feel a bite
• Future support costs for SE
• Appetite for database migrations

How will this affect you?

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Chris Jones, COO

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