Oracle Partner Nymad in the Frame – video short series now showing on a device near you!

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Nymad in the frameTo get your message seen, heard and out in the world is always a challenge, particularly in a highly competitive market such as IT. To help us differentiate ourselves from our competition, we have created a series of videos to briefly introduce and outline our key  services, complemented by snapshot testimonials from two of our valued customers, Atrium and Imtech Traffic & Infra.

Nymad’s first steps into the world of video making started back in May (It’s a wrap! Nymad team in the spotlight!) when we spent a successful day at Ginger Multimedia shooting. Once in the can, the experts at Ginger Multimedia started the lengthy process of editing the footage.  Each video was painstakingly reviewed by the team at Nymad with final tweaks and descriptions added prior to the final task, uploading the videos to our website and our Youtube channel NymadTV

Video Links

  • Nymad, who we are and what we do  – an introduction to Nymad
  • Managed Services –Nymad’s unique database support solutions
  • Licence Optimisation – Nymad’s licence optimisation service designed to protect against unforeseen licence costs.
  • Imtech Traffic and Infra Customer Testimonial – how Nymad is delivering a flexible Oracle development & support managed service model to ensure Imtech’s Oracle project goals and deliverables are met, precisely when needed.
  • Atrium Customer Testimonial – why Atrium choose to work with Nymad for expert Oracle Database & Middleware support.  Additionally how Nymad’s licence services helped Atrium save tens of thousands of pounds and ensured Oracle Licence compliance when faced with an Oracle Licence audit.

We would like to thank all those involved in the making of the videos including Ginger Multimedia for delivering the series in a highly professional and timely manner; Manfred Milhofer from ATRIUM and Kevin Molloy from Imtech Traffic and Infra who generously gave their time for both the preparation and delivery of their testimonials; Chris Jones Nymad COO who could quite easily transition to a career in the media and finally to the board of directors for making it all possible.



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