Nymad test drive our Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X5-2 today

Oracle Database Appliance – a smarter alternative

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Here in Nymad’s offices we recently installed the new Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X5-2. It is a simple, reliable, affordable and complete database-consolidation platform that offers speedy deployment and maximum uptime.

Are you driving a Ferrari or a GTI?

The ODA is the perfect option for a business that wants ways to simplify management while getting superb performance that reduces the total cost of ownership. At Nymad, we compare it to driving a car. When choosing a car, you want one that corresponds to your needs. If you only need to go to the local supermarket, you don’t necessarily want to jump into a Formula One sports car. It may be more practical and cost-effective to have a standard hatchback or even a minivan. So why pay for a premium, superfast option when a more economical one will do perfectly well for what you need?

Book your test drive today

We would like to give you the opportunity to see the ODA X5-2 in action. By demonstrating some of the most powerful functions of the ODA, we are able to show just how easy the platform is to set up and manage – while it also gives you predictable costs through capacity-on-demand.

Contact us today to book your test drive of the ODA X5-2!

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