Nymad Management

Chris Jones

Chris is the co-founder and COO of Nymad

DSC_4519He aims to provide the best advice to clients to enable them to reduce costs and complexity from their database estates. He co-founded Nymad in 2011 – having previously worked with Gary, he wanted to be part of a company that puts the client first, knowing profits will follow.

With ultimate responsibility for developing and improving propositions and delivering the service to clients, he has been a core part of successfully introducing Nymad into a highly competitive market during a tough economic period.

His broad experience has given him a unique understanding of both what’s technically possible and commercially viable. This has given him the confidence to push boundaries and his innovative thinking around licensing has saved his clients £millions over the last few years.

Chris is also passionate about integrity and will always give the client honest advice, even if that means no business for Nymad at the time.


Chris’s technical and commercial knowledge stem from a diverse career.

Having spent six years in the forces learning hard work and discipline, he became a business consultant and then a sales manager, gaining strong commercial and management skills.

Prior to joining Nymad he worked with Gary at Hanston and then for Gartner which gave him a board level appreciation of the Oracle estate and technology in general.

Outside work

Chris has two young girls at school so family life takes up most of his time when not at work. But he’s recently been focusing on his fitness levels and, in his own words, has transformed from a couch potato to run 5K and walk 25k.