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It’s not too late to hire IT cover for summer!

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What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to managing your IT cover during the holidays?

Everyone looks forward to a holiday, but for those people left behind in IT sometimes it can present a far greater ordeal. Scheduling IT staff in a business to cover irregular working hours, more hours or even take on more responsibility can be stressful and expensive. It can especially be problematic when your business is busy and in a potentially profitable time. The summer months really don’t have to be a minefield for you to contend with unpredictable elements that make you want to pull your hair out!

Nymad IT managed service and staffing solutions make things so much easier:

Stop… take a breather!
If you know your business well-enough you will be able to predict when things get busier and when your IT staff are more likely to request holidays. Just by giving yourself enough time to organise the roles and jobs that specifically need covering, you can start to map out a draft plan. It doesn’t even need to be exact, really the number of people required, the length of time needed to work and the perquisite skill level. There is just no point in having one person trying to do it all, your IT operations may suffer as a result. Consider Nymad to provide you with the technology expertise and professional guidance to help you with IT cover this summer and you’ll be in a safe pair of hands.

It’s all in the planning
By knowing the challenges being faced, you can schedule for the busier times and share your concerns with your IT staff about the predicted shortages. Staff are often grateful for being consulted in plenty of time so they can make their own arrangements too. This also gives the opportunity to discuss their willingness to support the business and more importantly their flexibility to cover other roles and responsibilities requested. If looking for outsourced help, Nymad suggests you to book early so you can have the right person as a preferred DBA or the managed service level required to avoid any last minute scrambles.

Keep an open approach
Your IT staff will be fully aware of the busier times too, however you can’t stop them requesting holiday as they are entitled to. Staff will differ in their flexibility and adaptability as well as their capability. Always choose experience over price. Nymad provides highly experienced professional DBA’s who can deal with all day-to-day matters either remotely, on a part-time or full-time basis or as part of a managed IT service to complement your existing team.

With Nymad – you won’t be called every hour during your holiday!
We are here to provide you with the right IT staff and comprehensive support when and where you need it. Offering you a fully crafted, flexible solution as a managed IT service agreement or arranged managed IT staff. We will deliver you the expertise you can count on when enjoying holidays.

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