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Image of Tower of London from the river Nymad and Alternative Networks held a successful event at the Tower of London which explored common issues and planning considerations for Disaster Recovery as a Service. For those of you who missed the day and are interested in more details and a copy of the day’s content, please contact

First of all many thanks to those of you who braved the rain and joined us at the Tower of London for our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) event. It was well attended with over 60 people there to share their experiences, challenges and observations through the interactive panel Q & A and Roundtable discussions. We also had some great feedback for the formal presentations delivered at the start of the day. My personal thanks go out to the genius that suggested providing wine with lunch as it really helped to get the conversations flowing.

Through the day we focussed on a number of key areas:

  • Our Definition of Software as a Service:
    • The hardware, software, people and process – in the appropriate mix of cost vs. risk – required to maintain availability of your systems on an application by application basis
  • DR complexity
  • Why do 9 out of 10 system optimisation reviews uncover incomplete DR provision?
  • What has changed to make this technically and commercially viable?
    • Communications
    • Virtualisation
    • Infrastructure advancement
  •  Securing systems in the cloud
  • Technical best practise
  • Commercial best practice (or bang for buck)

All of the above provided for some really insightful discussions, where even with such an eclectic mix of organisations – similar themes kept breaking through.

The key takeaways for me – which sound obvious but are not routinely put into practice:

  • Always start at the application for your requirements and not its infrastructure
  • Build a business case for an organic DR strategy
  • Include DR consideration as part of your Change Control process

And finally

You get what you pay for in all things, including DR as a Service!


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