Hyperion Focus 2015 – a view from The Oval

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Did you know that Nymad deliver Hyperion licensing advice?

How you manage your licenses can make a real difference, not just from a cost perspective but also to peace of mind. Managing Oracle licences can be a complex task as the rules tend to be obscure or constantly changing. Maintaining compliance can be a challenge that most businesses are not prepared for and with Oracle’s aggressive stance on audit, can prove to be an expensive mistake.

Recently Nymad were co-sponsors at the AMOSCA Hyperion Focus 2015 held at The Oval. I was delighted to be invited to present an overview of the Oracle applications and technology audit process; how best to stay ahead of the game and ensure there are no nasty surprises! I was surprised to find out just how many users were unaware of how Oracle approaches the intricacies and challenges associated with license management. It really is just a simple a case of don’t stick your head in the sand!

How things can go awry!

Not long ago a client came to me for help after Oracle scripts had identified unlicensed Enterprise Edition products and a bill for £240k! It was then they realised that there had been a mistake in the install, they had always thought it was Standard Edition. Nymad liaised with Oracle on the client’s behalf, negotiating a liability of just £25k, signed and sealed with a purchase of additional software.

Not wishing to teach anyone to suck eggs, but protecting your organisation in advance is our recommendation. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Here are a few things which are worthwhile adding to your check list:

• Know what you haveimage of discussions at Hyperion Focus
– Run a baseline audit using the same techniques that an official audit would
– DR
– Backups
– Test and development
– Maintain contract documentation and support renewal information
• Know how you are using it
– What has changed since original purchase
– M&A
– Virtualised
– Web facing
• Know what your commercials terms areImage of Hyperion delegates
– Special terms
• View only licences as part of a bigger deal
• Concurrent usage, user minimums, test and dev
– Off contract agreements via email
– Virtualisation gotchas

Put our skills to the test! For more tips and to book your free of charge workshop visit the following link



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