Disaster Recovery as a Service, how prepared are you?

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Hello again and Happy New Year to you all. We had an uneventful Christmas in our Managed Service business – which is always a nice thing to be able to say – but how about you? In the event of a disaster / failure / human error (we see this more often than hardware failure these days) are you able to return to service in the required time or do you find that one or more of the following get in the way:

• There is no DR plan – ouch
• There has been no test for so long that it no longer works as expected – ouch
• Data volumes have increased so much that the 4 hour recovery now looks closer to 36 hours – very common
• Primary systems are all ok but a number of subsidiary systems that are now just as important aren’t on the list – “why did no one tell me about that?”
• Everything works perfectly thanks very much for asking – pat yourselves on the back

In our experience DR for non-critical systems, is often discussed but rarely stress tested in a meaningful way. Do you want to bring down your critical systems for any longer than necessary, just to ensure that all the subsidiary systems still work the way they are supposed to?

DR is seen as a costly insurance policy – so how much do you spend and on what applications?

There is a good deal to think about and a lot that needs to be tested, and tested regularly. When was the last time that a quick fix workaround was forgotten about and never made its way over to the DR site? Are you confident that everything will just work in the event of a failover?

These are questions that should be continually reviewed, especially as the cost profile for comms and storage is on a downward trend. What was costly (or even impossible) 10 years ago may prove attractive today.

Join us at the Tower of London on the 26th February to hear from your peers and industry experts as to just what is possible and practical.

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