Fareham College Utilises MySQL to Reduce Cost for Accessing Historical Reporting Data

FAREHAM COLLEGE has a big reputation for academic excellence, innovative curriculum and a long historical tradition of academic success. Being a popular choice for school leavers, the College strives to develop and deploy a wide variety of processing systems and IT infrastructure applications.


Investing hugely in its facilities and teaching resources, as with most Colleges, Fareham College is under constant budget pressure. While state of the art at the time, their accounting system was straining to support the complexity and functionality required as a critical business application.

Seen as a high priority project, a cost-effective replacement solution was sourced and time was devoted to this system implementation to ensure a smooth transition. Taking an old system and replacing it with a new system presents significant risks and requires an extremely careful transition.

Fareham College saddled with historical data, decided to migrate just the balances from the old system to the new system due to the complexity and time involved. Further complicating matters, for audit and reporting purposes they needed to keep historical data that resided in the old system for 5 years. This incurred a substantial cost from the application vendor of £20,000 for a view only licence for the old system and an addition £4,000 for ongoing support for the Oracle database.


Fareham College realised they needed help with finding a way to reduce the large costs associated with keeping the historical data for reporting purposes. Nymad was approached, being a local database integration and management specialist and were able to offer a solution to reduce the cost and complexity. Nymad proposed moving the historical data from the existing Oracle database to MySQL, being open source this would remove 100% of the cost from Oracle. Nymad then proposed pairing the MySQL database with a custom built PHP web interface to enable easy access to the data and ease of reporting.

“Nymad have provided the College with the ability to successfully manage its legacy data at a hugely reduced cost.”

– Emma Baxter – Director of Finance and Funding at Fareham College

Nymad arranged a workshop with Fareham College to discuss their requirements in more depth. An appropriate program with project management, technical resources and regular communications were put in place to ensure a smooth delivery of the project without incurring any additional and unnecessary expense to Fareham College.


Fareham College continues to invest in its facilities and teaching resources for supporting strategic growth. The system for historical reporting built by Nymad is now owned outright by Fareham College and cost less than fifty percent of one year’s view only licence from the application vendor. Nymad are on hand for any ongoing support should it be required.

“Nymad are a pleasure to work with and have been very flexible in their approach. I can highly recommend Nymad to other Colleges who are experiencing similar challenges”.

“I can highly recommend Nymad to other Colleges.” – Emma Baxter – Director of Finance and Funding at Fareham College


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