SAM process review

A global reinsurance specialist was struggling to manage a massive Oracle licence estate acquired through many years of organic growth and mergers and acquisitions. Whilst the client felt they were running the correct licences at a good price, they were struggling with the administration of so many contracts. An internal sponsor recommended Nymad to come in and perform a strategic licence assessment to reduce the cost and complexity of management.

The estate included Oracle technology, EBS, Hyperion and BI, all in multiple releases and split across many contracts with different terms and different contract dates each with its own cross charge mechanism to individual business units. The client wanted to consolidate into super contracts to aid administration without understanding the impact on any future cancellations or loss of favourable terms.

Nymad conducted a thorough assessment and provided a plan including a mix of consolidation, co-terming and simplified cross charging to massively reduce the annual maintenance and reduce the chance of mistakes through human error.


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