Imtech appoints Nymad for Java / Oracle Development Support

Imtech Traffic & Infra (Imtech) is a leading player in the market for Intelligent Mobility in the UK and Ireland. They deliver technology-based products, systems and services that enable the effective and efficient movement of people, data and goods. Imtech specialise in the design, development, installation and maintenance of the technologies and infrastructure that satisfy their Clients’ transport and communications challenges.

imtech-identity-video-pageOPCIS is a key part of the technology portfolio covering Field Service Management and reporting against contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for fault finding and repair on installation and maintenance contracts.

The Challenge

Imtech were facing peak demand resourcing challenges, due to a number of projects all competing for limited internal resource from the Dutch based development team. Internal priorities set at a Group level were at odds with local project priorities and starting to cause concern for existing projects.

UK management were tasked to evaluate cost effective and longer-term partnership options to alleviate the current resourcing issues, whilst providing a plan for the future.

“What really stood out about working with Nymad was how easily their team just slotted in, it actually felt as if they were part of Imtech!”Kevin Molloy - Senior Project Manager at Imtech Traffic and Infra

There were a number of points to take into consideration for the approach to be viable:

  • Cost effective and flexible commercial model – only pay for what is used, when it is used.
  • Intense initial knowledge transfer.
  • Knowledge retention capability.
  • Service management experience to understand bespoke KPI reporting as required per contract.
  • Oracle database & Java development expertise in the same place.
  • Close working relationships to build trust, understanding and rapport with the UK project teams and Dutch
  • development teams.

Kevin Molloy (Senior Project Manager at Imtech) and Dave Hall (Programme Manager at Imtech), approached Nymad (a leading Oracle support and development partner with a reputation for delivering innovative and cost effective solutions) to understand how we could support the project.

“What we needed was a company that could work with us to define a working model that hit our goals and deliverables – Nymad had the experience in putting together flexible service models and we wanted to take advantage of that to see how it would work for us” said Kevin.

The Solution

Imtech appointed Nymad as their implementation and development partner for OPCIS implementations in the UK. The decision was based on Nymad’s deep Oracle technical expertise, flexible commercial approach and cultural alignment.

“We are delighted with the project contribution from Nymad which has not only brought best practice to the application but has also reduced ongoing implementation time, effort and cost. This ultimately means that more Imtech clients can be brought on board in less time, which is win-win for both.”Kevin Molloy - Senior Project Manager at Imtech Traffic and Infra

The project was initiated with a discovery phase. Nymad spent time in the UK with senior application managers to understand in detail the business processes behind OPCIS, as well as Imtech’s clients’ expectations for a successful implementation. This was followed up with time in Holland with the development team to understand in more detail the application coding design and company development standards in place.

Following the initial knowledge transition phase, Nymad seamlessly transitioned into the UK OPCIS implementation team with the following responsibilities:

  • OPCIS Data load – Cleansing then uploading the project specific data into the application.
  • OPCIS KPI reporting – Developing and deploying the contract specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as requested by Imtech’s clients.
  • On-going support – Ensuring continued deployment of system upgrades into the UK Production environments.

The Benefits

The priority projects were completed in line with Imtech’s clients’ expectations, which enabled time to be focussed on selling the benefits of OPCIS into the wider user community.

Nymad are continuing to support implementation projects as and when they are ready to go. It is the flexibility of two months high priority project work followed by a 1 month hiatus – all the while retaining the skills and capacity for future work – that provide significantly more value than the contractor market.

Final thoughts from Kevin Molloy:

“Nymad had the experience in putting together flexible service models – we wanted to take advantage of that.”Kevin Molloy - Senior Project Manager at Imtech Traffic and Infra

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