ATRIUM Software Appoints Nymad for Comprehensive Oracle Cloud Support

ATRIUM Software, part of the Manhattan Software Group, is the UK’s leading innovator of Enterprise Asset Management solutions with a twenty year track record of success and marketplace firsts. The company specialises in providing enterprise property asset management, as well as planning and highways software for the public and private sectors.

By enabling customers to make more efficient use of their property estate to reduce costs and enhance performance, ATRIUM addresses the demands of both day-to-day operational property management, as well as the longer term strategic planning of the portfolio as a whole.

The Challenge

As part of its solution, ATRIUM provides hosted applications to organisations that manage or own large property estates. Typical large customers include Network Rail, the largest owner of above ground property assets nationwide, and the Department of Justice, including all of HM prisons throughout the UK. With its Oracle-based IT environment, the company’s latest cloud solutions are based on Oracle 11g Application Server Enterprise Edition.

“We do our hosting with Rackspace, who provide the hardware and connectivity, but they don’t have the necessary Oracle support skills for our needs,” said Matt Laing, Business and Software Development Director for ATRIUM Software Ltd.

“We had previously tried working with an Oracle consultancy that claimed to do both and offered us a ‘one stop shop’. They had all the relevant training and credentials, but were severely lacking in real world experience of Oracle, and didn’t have the proficiency to help us build or support our cloud environment. We ended up knowing more about Oracle than they did. We went back to Rackspace, but we still needed to find the specialist Oracle expertise to help us on the support side.”

With numerous large enterprise organisations running ATRIUM’s hosted solution, the number of site properties runs into the tens of thousands, and users include end clients, as well as their respective supply chain partners – equating to hundreds of users of the system. Prior to Manhattan Group’s acquisition of ATRIUM Software, the company comprised just 30 people, and was highly reliant on a small number of key individuals to manage and support the cloud environments and Oracle platform.

The time and pain Nymad can save you is astonishing.Matt Laing, Business & Software Development Director, ATRIUM

“What we are doing is quite a specialist area,” added Laing. “Although it’s not an uncommon solution, it does require specialist staff to look after the complexities and anomalies within the Oracle environment, which can only come from real world, hands on experience at the coal face.”

The Solution

ATRIUM Software appointed Nymad as its support partner in November 2012, based on its deep Oracle technical expertise, flexible commercial approach, and alignment of cultures between the two companies.

“Nymad brings years of experience about decisions on what to do and not do,” said Laing. “They are a very safe pair of hands. We have joint clients in common, and they have even more experience in Oracle than us, which is saying something. They really are true experts at what they do.”

ATRIUM engaged Nymad to provide support services in four key areas:

  • On-going Support – Providing Oracle technical support during core business hours, managing major incidents and alerts, and working in conjunction with ATRIUM’s internal support team.
  • Database Server – Managing the database creation and maintenance, as well as implementing a robust recovery and backup solution.
  • Application Server – Investigated, tested and implemented a cost effective new multi-tenancy Oracle Forms solution, giving ATRIUM control over its individual customer Forms Services.
  • Monitoring – Implementation of extensive monitoring and alerting at all server levels, including Windows and Oracle Database resources and processes, Forms, Reports, Discoverer and Apache availability.

As an Oracle Gold Partner, Nymad maintains a strong Oracle stack focus, as well as expertise across competing database technologies to reflect the diverse needs of its client base of FTSE 500 companies, large public sector organisations, and SMEs.

“There are two key things that really stand Nymad apart from everyone else,” said Laing. “First, they really do know what they’re talking about, and their technical expertise is outstanding. Second, they are just easy to work with. Their professionalism and positivity makes you want to do business with them, which isn’t always the case with specialists.”

The Benefits

Nymad’s services are not only delivering benefits to ATRIUM’s solutions and day-to-day business, but also to the company’s in-house support team, who are now able to focus their efforts on product development and customer support.

Nymad brings years of experience about decisions on what to do and not do. They are a very safe pair of hands.Matt Laing, Business & Software Development Director, ATRIUM

“With the previous Oracle consultancy we appointed, we never even got into live production for our new cloud environment,” said Laing. “With Nymad, setting up our 11g environment has been both extremely efficient and cost effective. They are very transparent on their charges, and particularly flexible on how they work with us. They don’t ‘nickel and dime us’, and are commercially focused on our systems in the wider context of our business.”

As a result, Laing and his team are also starting to engage Nymad on wider projects as well, outside of the existing contractual scope of work. “Because of their expertise, the time and pain Nymad can save you is astonishing,” he added. “Oracle can be a difficult environment to manage – particularly setting up a new cloud environment – and they know it like the back of their hand. Nymad gives us peace of mind. They are the back stop that makes sure we don’t hit the wall as an organisation. Their insight and hands on experience on problem solving goes far beyond simple technical accreditations.”

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